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Mila and Pheebs - The Team

At Mila and Pheebs we are a family run business and not a huge corporation. Our team is made up of;

  • Alexis (Mummy) who imagines each box and theme then brings it life by searching multiple suppliers for the perfect items.
  • Pete (Daddy) who creates, designs and produces the graphic designs and activities.
  • Milena and Phoebe (the twins) who help with very important sticker labelling and fetching printed items from the printer.

We collaborate with other businesses for things like technology, accounting and legal information. Besides that we do everything ourself from packing the boxes, answering queries, updating the website, bookkeeping, photographing items and everything else in between!

We pride ourselves on the fact, being a small business we can relate very well to our customers and as our customer we know you want us to really care about your subscription and orders and we really do!

One of our main values is to ensure we provide the best customer service possible so if you need anything, no matter how small, just contact us. We’ll always be here to help.

Mila and Pheebs - Alexis

Alexis is obsessed with all things stationery – sparkly pens, collectible erasers, new shiny paperclips, glossy stickers and the excitement of drawing on a fresh page of a brand new notebook.

Alexis – ‘As a child I was completely obsessed, saving pocket money to buy pencil sharpeners instead of sweets, making craft cameras from toilet rolls and creating funny games from paper. When I entered the adult world, I would be the one in the team with a draw full of pens, glittery notepads and every colour highlighter available. I guess, once a stationery queen, always a stationery queen!’

Mix that with fun craft activities, card making and eraser collecting and you’ll get a sense of what Mila and Pheebs are all about!

Mila and Pheebs - The History

After a career in Corporate Banking, Alexis took a career break to look after Milena and Phoebe (aka Mila and Pheebs) and it was during this time she realised her passion for stationery and craft activities could be the core focus for her business.

‘I started making craft boxes for my friends children as birthday presents. When more people started asking me about them it inspired me to build a business around the concept of giving fun and exciting packages with stationery and craft at the core of the business. However, I knew I would be competing with people just going to the shops and buying a bulk load of random items so knew I had to make our boxes extra special. That’s why we are definitely not a ‘throw anything in’ subscription box business. Every item is carefully selected and well thought out. If it doesn’t excite, it doesn’t go in! Every box is made with the child in mind and I use 7 year old me as my guide!’

You can follow the Mila and Pheebs rollercoaster via social media as well as Alexis’ blog.